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Lol comic one. This is basically just to state the fact that I know I'm fat, so if you see me around, please don't be a douche like everyone (rightfully) was to Fred Gallagher. For seriousness, this is no wishful thinking, except that I wish I lived on the internets like Anonomia, to pursue raepage of sites for great lulz.

So, an introduction. My name is Anii Jones, and I'm 18. Blah blah blah, this is my comic.

Her name is Anonomia. I'm going to delve into what she does, who she is, how she was made, in later comics.

I should also be updating with at least two more comics by Monday. But I'm known to just... not do anything by the deadline. So send me angry emails. Click, bitch

So that's it. If you find that you are already in love with Anonomia, go join her fanclub community, called furryhitlerlove.

Also, most of my comics will be made by hand and scanned, so they'll look much prettier than this glob. Yay!

:D kthx,

So hi! :D I just wanted to get the news out about my BRAND EFFING NEW LJ comic. As my post said, I'll be adding more strips by Monday.

I hope it turns out as enjoyable to read as it was to make~
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