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Comic diaries community

I'm suometar and I've made a community comic_diaries it's all 'bout comic posts. I do my diary posts as comics and I want to give an opportunity for others doing so to come together.

How it works? there're many ways
- As you make a comic post in your own diary, just copypaste it and make a similar post into comic_diaries (or only take parts you're willing to put there) but every post there MUST include, or lead to view, a diary comic.
- Use the a href in you post to link the readers into your own diary, into the post that has the comic.
- If your comic is rather large, put it behind the lj-cut.
what means 'rather large', well it's a bit smaller than what you may put in your own diary without worrying that you'll wreck those people's computers who are reading your post from their friends page, so think 'bout the readers

And absolutely remember: The comics you post there must be your own!
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