I have a webcomic called "Reality Challenged" here: rc_comic

This is a webcomic about Lizzie, a gothpunk geek/nerd gamer librarian, and her friends.
Lizzie is a punky-gothish, rpg gamer geek, sf, fantasy and horror fan & librarian.
She's an incurable dreamer, and her reality isn't always the same one as the "mainstream" version.
She's still not decided what she wants to be when she grows up... She'd really like to be a mage, though, or the captain of an interstellar spaceship. Or a dragon, that'd be awesome!
However, currently she's working in the university library's Special Collections. In the lower basement. Where there's little chance of her having to interact with customers. She was transferred to this department after a rather unfortunate incident with an annoying library user (involving 2 rubber bands, 2 paper clips, a AACR2 cataloguing rule book and a metal catalogue drawer pin.)

It's mostly random comics, episodes from Lizzie's life, and not any story line.
It's randomly updated.
This webcomic is something I just do for fun and because I like to draw; I'm not a great artist.

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Hi all

I'm not sure how active this community still is, but anyways -
Here's my webcomic project, it has been going on for a while, but now I've also made a livejournal version. It will be irregularly updated with new stuff.


Horror, gore, dark humor and silliness drawn in a somewhat naivish style. No advanced art, also no messages or story morale, this is simply done for fun - my own fun, but perhaps somebody else likes it too..(?)

"Planet Epituz" is a collection of short comic stories in some kind of future setting. Most there is pretty similar to our world, but there are also certain new things.

The English may suck sometimes, since it's not my first language.

And oh ..
This journal may contain explicit adult content.
..for violence, not for sex though.
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i am posting a non-obscene comic as an example, being mindful of the delicate sensibilities of the community, but my "comic" is consistently tasteless and NSFW and probably only funny to geeks and the criminally insane. i apologize in advance for having wasted your time. i'm sorry. i can't take this anymore. i don't feel like i can do anything right. i'm all mixed up. you'll be better off without me anyway.

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